Loan Science Receives Recommendation from Elizabeth Keifer Herron of PEAC

As a founding partner of the Post-secondary Education Assistance Corporation (PEAC) and the owner/operator of its default prevention service — Student Loan Assistance, I spent more than twenty years partnering with institutions to encourage student loan repayment and support effective default rate reduction plans.

Due to growth in other areas of its sister company — Collegiate Admission and Retention Solutions (CARS), PEAC decided to cease offering its Student Loan Assistance service at the end of 2015.

PEAC made no effort to market or sell its portfolio, but researched other providers of loan management and default prevention services to recommend to its clients.

Loan Science’s combination of early outreach and intervention with past due borrowers, predictive analytics to work “smarter” for their clients and robust reporting and data management made them the obvious choice for our clients. All but one of PEAC’s former clients switched to Loan Science at the culmination of their contract with PEAC, and they continue to praise Loan Science for their effectiveness and client service.

I would highly recommend Loan Science to any institution looking to maximize their effectiveness in the area of loan management and default prevention.

Elizabeth Keifer Herron
Solutions Executive