A different approach to problem solving.

Building upon what the data shows us is what makes Loan Science different. We identify problems, formulate hypotheses and carefully observe testing results to seek knowledge and insights. We’ll help you mitigate lending risk, remediate delinquencies, and increase portfolio forecasting precision.

Unmatched Experience

Management has a rich background in consumer lending, credit operations, and risk management at leading institutions across a variety of assets.

Satisfied Customers

500+ clients spanning higher education institutions, community organizations, investment companies, banks, credit unions and specialty lenders.


We have expertise managing assets such as student, auto, MCA/small business, and personal loans, as well as retail finance, and bank and private label cards.

“We develop solutions that help our clients optimize consumer loan portfolio performance and cash flow. All of our solutions are backed by enterprise class data and predictive analytic capabilities that have been honed across wide-ranging consumer loan asset classes at some of the world’s leading financial institutions.”

~ Curtis Wright

CEO & President
Loan Science

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