About Us

A Passion for the Science of Lending

At Loan Science we are nothing short of data obsessed – analytics is at the forefront of everything we do.

Helping Clients Unleash the True Power of Data

For more than a decade, Loan Science has helped our clients significantly increase performance of lending portfolios. By leveraging superior data analytics, we’re able to solve complex problems, unlock new insights, and inform better decisions and strategies. With our acquisition of Student Connections, we’ve gained:

  • 60+ years of expertise in helping schools and borrowers better manage their student loan repayment and overall financial wellness.
  • An office and staff located in Indianapolis which extends our hours and enhances call center coverage.
  • Tools and resources to better engage borrowers and broaden our support for them.

We’re proud of what we do and feel energized in our relentless quest to perfect the science of lending.

Serving a Greater Purpose

Yet, for all our client successes, what drives us most is our belief in the power of education and knowledge that what we do gives students access to a bright future with better career opportunities and the tools they need to build healthier financial lives.

When students succeed, so do those who guide them along their path.

More than anything, solving the science of lending is all about giving borrowers the financial ability to repay their loans

Being Human

While our talents with data are unmatched, we see more than just numbers. We truly care about the people the data represents and work hard to deeply understand and respect their needs. In this way, we’re able to provide ROI to our clients, while helping as many borrowers as we can.

Our Team and Culture

There’s a common saying around here that goes, “Keep Austin weird!” Let’s just say these three words explain why we fit right in.

We’re dynamic, team-oriented, and focused on solutions for our clients’ most challenging needs – but we’re also real people who love barbecue, tex-mex and having a good time.

The people behind the data at Loan Science or answering the call at Student Connections were hired not just to bring the best minds together for the sharing of ideas, but also to maintain a status quo of integrity, teamwork and a commitment to our calling of building a better way for students to borrow money for higher education.

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