Custom Credit Services

Custom Modeling & Scoring

Loan Science’s custom modeling and scoring approach utilizes SaaS to achieve optimal outcomes by adding alternate data sources that more accurately project future results through predictive analytics, forecasting and simulation tools.

What it Includes:

  • Platform for real-time scoring and decisioning
  • Ability to create unlimited custom models using first- and third-party data
  • Automated back testing and validation
  • Dashboards and reports on model performance
  • On-premise and Cloud installation options

Risk Analytics and Risk-Based Pricing

Loan Science can help you manage and mitigate inherent risks in your credit portfolio while expanding credit options. We do this by leveraging risk appetite, client data and approval goals to create unique scenarios and increase competition. Our risk analytics and risk-based pricing services identify key trends and segments for informed planning and decision making.

What it Includes:

  • Analysis techniques and technology for smarter, data driven insights
  • Scenarios computed and future events forecasted
  • Credit attributes employed to increase options for more borrowers
  • Optimal pricing calculated based on return targets
  • Strategies created to achieve a given return target

Custom Scoring

Custom scoring enables you to predict and manage risk by showing you the probability of accounts reaching a defined “bad” status within a period of time. Our approach informs performance forecast with precision, enabling you to create enhancements in loan underwriting and risk-based pricing.

What it Includes:

  • Predictive scoring that ranks the propensity of a population to become delinquent or default
  • Foundational model built using loan origination and servicing data
  • Development samples of all accounts in repayment as of a specific date
  • Response observations (delinquency/default status) as of some future data
  • Aggregate and borrower-level details

“Loan Science combines predictive analytic techniques with historical transaction-level performance data to analyze and forecast loan portfolios at the most granular level, providing much deeper insight for lenders and investors.”

~ Andy Dolan

Vice President of Analytics
Loan Science

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Whether it’s custom modeling and scoring, or leveraging risk analytics to inform pricing, Loan Science can help accelerate decision performance, improve long-term portfolio performance forecasting, and proactively manage risk. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more.

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