Account Recovery Solutions

Early Stage Account Recovery & Late Stage Collections Solutions

Students with unpaid tuition balances can greatly affect two key areas for most schools – revenue and retention. Many schools lack the staff and technology to effectively contact and collect funds from students.

In addition to our data-driven approach to multi-channel outreach, we’ve found that a different conversation leads to different results.

What it Includes:

  • Options for both early stage outreach and recovery, as well as post charge-off account placement.
  • Student-centric counseling model with both payment plan and re-enrollment options.
  • Customized payment plans that best meet both students’ and institutional needs.
  • Retention incentives to help students continue and complete their education, as well as maximize student account payback.
  • Resources like the WhichWay financial education platform to help build personal finance skills that last a lifetime.

“We combine analytic insight from more than a decade of borrower level historical data with remediation programs and data driven collection practices that result in pre-charge off collections results as much as 55% more effective than traditional private student loan portfolios.”

~ Alec Reinstadtler

Vice President
Loan Science

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