Student Outreach

Student Connections, our student outreach company, is the industry leader for reaching and counseling students regarding enrollment, financial wellness, student loan indebtedness and default prevention.

Student Loan Default Prevention

Not enough time and resources to improve your cohort default rate or even just keep default prevention in check? With Student Connections Borrower Connectᵀᴹ, we analyze your full borrower portfolio data instantly, communicate directly and effectively with borrowers, and track your progress in real time.

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Enrollment Outreach

Student Connections has the capacity and the tools to contact students who haven’t yet registered for the next term and provide warm transfers to your staff, freeing them up to focus on registration and re-enrollment.

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Student Debt Letters

Our process is simple and affordable, and ensures that your institution is meeting legislation requirements.

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Financial Education

Our interactive solution, WhichWay, can provide your students with the tools and information they need to successfully manage their personal finances during school and beyond.

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We understand that guiding students toward success means educating and motivating them along the way. Student Connections products and services aim to meet students where they are, providing relevant assistance and education. We'd love to discuss your institution's default prevention, enrollment management and financial education goals, and share with you how we are impacting the lives of students every day. Student Connections

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