Why We Called & How We Can Help

If you were contacted by Loan Science, don’t worry. We’re here to help. We’re experts at helping people explore all available options to resolve delinquent accounts and find a repayment plan that works for their unique situation.

No Additional Charges

Don’t worry, there is absolutely zero cost to you for working with Loan Science. We work on behalf of schools and financial institutions. We help individuals explore available options to bring a delinquent account current and avoid it being turned over to a post-charge-off collections agency.

Loan Science Helps Students – Just Like You!

You’re not alone. Many people struggle to manage loan repayment. You don’t need to feel down on yourself – all you need to do is get in touch with Loan Science so we can work with you and put together a plan.

Contact Us

Give us a call at 866-311-9436 or email We’ll find a solution to get you back on track and keep you in good standing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Loan Science?

Schools and lenders hire Loan Science to provide loan counseling assistance to individuals who have delinquent accounts. The service is provided at no cost to borrowers. We specialize in pre-charge-off or early-stage debt collections. Our counselors serve as borrower advocates. They can answer questions and help borrowers understand all their options to get accounts back in good standing.

How did you get my information?

Loan Science obtains loan details and contact information directly from schools and lenders, as well as loan servicers that services the loan.

What is the difference between pre- and post-charge-off debt?

Pre-charge-off typically means an account is in early-stages of delinquency. Interest and late payment fees may still be applied, and each missed payment may be reported as negative items on the individual’s credit report. After an extended period of non-payment, the account may be charged off and assigned to a collections agency.

Once in post-charge-off, or late-stage collections, the amount owed includes the total account balance plus any interest and fees accrued during the pre-charge-off period. A charged-off account will remain as a negative item on an individual’s credit report for up to seven years.

I’m a co-borrower. Why are you calling me?

Both primary borrower and co-borrower are equally responsible for the loan. By the time Loan Science is contacting the co-borrower, the account is past due and the co-borrower is responsible to make payment.